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My projects are just about finished and these are left over, take-offs, or extras.

SWISS SIG 551 Green Forearm, Brand New, will fit 556 $85.00

SWISS SIG 552 Green Forearm, Brand New, will fit 556P and 556 SBR in combination with a 552 End plate $85.00

US SIG 556 Black Classic US Style Forearm, Predrilled for Optional US SIG Rails $85

US SIG 556P Factory Sling Loop and Lock Lug, This can be used on the 556 Rifle/Old style AR/NON-Folder, to have a Sling Loop at the Rear of the Receiver.New Take-Off $30.00

US SIG 556P End Cap, New Take-Off $25.00

Colorado Gun Works Sling Loop for 556 Rifle/Old style AR Folding Stock, includes longer Hex Bolt, Excellent $25.00

US SIG 556 Black Pistol Grip, Brand New with SIG Logo Inspection Tape $25.00

US SIG 556 Classic Black Folding/Compacting Stock with both buttplates New Take-Off $175.00

US SIG 30 rd Magazine with Coupler, Brand New $25.00

MFI SWISS Style Receiver Pin, Brand New $15.00

SIG 556P Pistol End Cap Wrench, Brand New Adjustable for other Pin widths, Rubber Handles $20.00 Miscommunication and bought 3

US SIG 556 DMR or for SIG 556's that don't have a Front Site, Factory US SIG Dove Tail Plug, Protects the Front Site Dove Tail when no Front Site is used. $5.00

SWISS Military SIG PE-50 Roll-Up Cleaning Kit, .30 cal, Complete, with Whale Grease, Excellent-Like New $35.00

US SIG Blue Hard Case Brand New, good for those that got the generic black cases $45.00

USPS Money Order
Email is fastest [email protected]
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