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I am selling an EOTech 557 AR223 and EOTech 4x Magnifier w/ Flip To Side Mount (FTS) Combo for $700. I know its a steal because even if you can find a 4x magnifier anymore, most sites are selling just that for more. I am trying a new site to sell stuff so I hope you guys check it out. Just search for EOTech in the listings because mine is the only one there. Later. Be advised that this photo shows my sig with an EOTech 511, not a 557. The 557 looks much better next to the 4x magnifier

posted some new pics with the 557 and the 4x mag together. Let me know what you think. I used a better camera so you can see the spots that show that the product is used. It ain't mint condition, but I guarantee authentic EOTech products can survive almost anything. I went with the Troy battlesights with the HK front sight post. Haven't had a chance to zero it yet but I'm hoping soon.

My equipment:
Sig556 ER
Sig Sauer quad rail
KZ Sig Sauer 556 Charging Handle
Troy rear and front battle sights
Vortex Flash Hider
Ace M4S Folding Stock
Magpul PMAGS
Lancer L5 Mags
Command Arms Pistol Grip
grippod GPS02/Military Model grip/bipod system
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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