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wolf ammo, etc.

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I did a search and did not come anything striking...must have missed it..


Wolf, and other comm bloc ammo (ie steel cased ammo, steel jacketed)-- Why not?

Surplus Corrosive ammo- what's the best (EASIEST) way to clean after use? How soon?

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Wolf/younameit steel cased ammo has the reputation of being dirty, smelly, and at times can cause problems with the laquer or polymer causing cases to stick in the chamber. As far as being dirty and smelly, um, ok , I've never used it, and I did see an interesting article at the box of truth about steel cased ammo. He'd shot some and followed it with some brass ammo and the brass cases stuck in the chamber. What he'd concluded with some input was that the steel cases weren't expanding fully allowing carbon to build up in the chamber. The brass cases then stuck to the chamber as they expanded fully and welded with the carbon build up. Carbon build up or whatever, lots of people shoot wolf with no issues. A lot avoid it.

But 230$ for 1000rds is hard to not go for, but then again, I don't want my sig smelling like a litter box :lol:
Thanks guys.

Actually I've used ALOT of Wolf ammo in my other 556, AK47 and all my pistols (9, 40, 45). Probably more than 8k rounds overall so far. Since I'm new to Sig556, I just wanted to see if there were any specifics for Sig556 (ie "absolutely nots"). Thanks for the link.

Its great for practice ammo. Not dirtier than others. Non-corrosive. New production- not surplus. Does not smell more than others. I don't have to pick up the casings. Cheap, always in stock somewhere online. Occasional failures are good for combat practice. Saiga AK47 eats the stuff up-- no FTF/FTE's, over 1K rounds. Steel bullet leaves no lead polution

Does not extract reliably in 556 weapons, FTE- I have had the Wolf 223 case stick inside the chamber on my other 556 AR's-- 2 times on separate range occasions on separate AR's within 200 rounds. I had to knock it out with a rod, then went on with no issues (without cleaning). On those 2 FTE's, the extractor actually ripped the rim of the casings off- no visible damage on the extractor claw.. The extractor tool steel is harder than the casing used on the bullet. These 2 casings also showed carbon trace around the bullet neck.

Everyone tells you not to use it.

Does leave reddish pink signs on breech face from the polymer/lacquer.

Just a few FTF's with G26 before I changed to a heavier striker spring. No other issues with other handguns.

Steel bullet often banned from ranges using steelplate backstop or targets.
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I am now over 1,000 rounds on Wolf in my 556 with ZERO malfunctions, ftf, jamming, etc. I have used several different brands of magazines, also. I usually don't fill mags all the way and I clean my gun regularly. They do smell a little more, but this isn't a perfume parlor. After a quick cleaning, the smell is gone.
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