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Which one

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Which one

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2-6x28 or 3-9x26? I spend most of my time shooting around 100m. I would like to shoot out to around 500m one of these days if it is possible with this optic. Ullie, feel free to chime in (please).
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...PFC FNG...what type of shooting...benchrest/range only or ? ...what is the primany use of the weapon...will it be used for defensive purposes...will the scope be dedicated to the weapon...presumably a 556?...what kind of accuracy do you expect/desire...and at what ranges...

...price range ???
I will be doing all kinds of shooting but want the optic primarily for hunting, and price isn't an issue because I am trading an extra red dot I have lying around, I just have to choose which one. This optic will be dedicated to the 556. I would like to be able to hit within 6in at 500yds provided the ammo is up to the task. If it is needed for defensive work, I would be using the backup sights. Hopefully that will not be necessary.
...PFC...everything in a scope is a gain in one area you must give up something in another...

...if i were to mount a dedicated scope on a 556..."for all around use"...i would be looking really hard at the Leupold 1.5 X 5 X 20 Mark 4 MR/T M2 with the special purpose illuminated reticle...mounted in a larue tactical SPR QD mount...

...for long range precision shooting you need good glass and magnification...something in the 4.5 X 14 range in a variable...and a reticle that let's you see the target...not cover it...

...this may seem a little be able to shoot ~1 moa out to about 500 yards with a 556...but i believe that it can be done with the proper ammo, a good scope, the right shooter and a dash of luck...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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