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2 millimeter = 0.078 740 157 48 inch
12 millimeter = 0.472 440 944 88 inch

Does that help?

.08x.48in I would say...

I just clicked the link you posted... I HAVE NO IDEA!

I could send you my old one. I dont use it anymore. PM me if you want it.

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Belt Fed said:
What would a 2x12mm translate to for U.S. standard sizes? I cant find anyone that just sells the things by themselves, only in huge kits that cost 20-60 bucks.
...try a place that specifically sells "fastners"...they usually carry metric sizes...i have also found them at larger Ace Hardware stores...

...5/64 x 1/2 inch is very close and should work...if you fine one can always cut it down in length...

...BTW 5/64 is a standard size...not hard to find...
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