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what rings or mount?

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I want to mount a Leupold AR 3X9 on my .556 SWAT will the Leupold MARK 4 ring work or do I nee something else to make this work?
Thanks in advance for any help...............Barbarosa
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...if you intend to use scope need to determine how high you need to mount your scope in order clear your rear do need the height of your rear sight over the rail... find the "height above the rail" of your particular scope when mounted in a particular ring... you need to take the height of the "centerline of the scope"...when mounted in the rings over the rail and subtract the radius of the occular bell will then know the height of the occular bell housing over the rail... determine how high the rings will place the centerline of the need contact the manufacturer of the rings...or look it up on their website... then do the math...

...Leopold makes great rings...but...i would go with one of the Larue quick detach mounts...with most rear sights the LT-104 will work just fine...i would go with the 30 mm rings for your 1 inch tube and use the 1 inch inserts...that way you can use the same mount if you get a 30 mm tubed scope in the future...

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