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What grain bullet are you guys running?

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What Grain Bullet???

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I've been trying to track down why my Sig556 is not very accurate. I'm capable to a decent group but I can't seem to get this thing to shoot very consistantly. I think I've narrowed it down to bullet weight. I was shooting an AR with a 20" barrel with 1-12 twist so 55's were working great. Now with this 1-7 it seems to be a bit different. I just bought some 68's and am going to load those and see if that helps.

Thanks in advance
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The 1:7 will favor the heavier bullet.
I have been shooting 62gr and experimenting with 69gr Fed. Gold Medal Match.

the 62 have been shooting and grouping nicely. I think you will see a nice difference especially hand loading them.
Most of my ammo is 55gr, I hope the 556 likes it.
Ghetto said:
Most of my ammo is 55gr, I hope the 556 likes it.
It should shoot it ok.
You might get a little bit bigger groups.
I've been using up my 55's because my AR liked them. However the Sig didn't seem to perform as well with them. The groups were much larger than I'd like. I'll try some 62's next as well.
Okay I talked with one of the guys from Sig yesterday. They recommend 62 to 75 grain bullets for best performance on the 556. So this would explain my problem hopefully with my 55's.

During our conversation I relayed that purchased my new Sig with a small piece broken off in the hand guard which I didn't find until I took it apart to clean it. I was hoping they'd just send me a new hand guard but no they wanted to see the whole gun. So off it when back to Sig. I feel so empty now, lol.

He also said that running handloads through the Sig will void the warranty so be warned. I'm going to purchase some heavier grain bullets now to test the Sigs accuracy and once it's proven to be accurate I'll void the warranty later!
This Thursday, tomorrow, I plan on going to the range and shooting Black Hills 68 grain through the 556 as well as other weights. I will hopefully bring to the forum some good results. And of course, I will attempt to post photos since everyone likes gun p0rn.

Please let us know the results, I think the heavier bullets will help. :)
Sorry guys, I started a new thread in the GD with the reults of the bullet weight.

Here is a link to it

Yes, the heavier bullets tighten up those groups.

However, I would say that I was expecting overall tighter groups at 50 yards. But I'm new to the Sig and it's new to me... time will tell.

after a few outings to the outdoor range, i was kind of wondering what was wrong with my brain. at 100 yards, i was all over the place.

then i realized that i need to just save the 55gr stuff for the indoor, cqb drills. i tried some black hills 77gr, and it was back to 1 1/2" groups. big relief.

apparently, expensive guns have an expensive diet.
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