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Thinking of buying a 556 Classic

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Hello all,

I've always been intrigued by Sig 551/552 and 556. I'm finally considering purchasing one. I found a Sig 556 Classic with the collapsible and folding stock. I was wondering what serial number to avoid? I was reading it was the 1st gen's that had issues with canted sights and bolts? Or was that the 2nd gen? The Serial Number on this 556 Classic starts with " JS0342XX" Which I believe to be a 2nd Gen.
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Unfortunately I've seen bad examples throughout the run of the US Sig 556 rifles. However, 2009 production JT serial rifles seem to have the worst fitment / function issues.
The first run rifles (ER or Early Release) are some of the very best IMO but the top rails can be canted a bit.
You are correct, though. The serial circa JS034200 would be 2nd gen. Definitely do a thorough check before you purchase. Perhaps even ask to put a few rounds through it before you buy, if possible.
I have a JS023XXX and its good to go! Has some Swiss internals. Shoots good.
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That folding/collapsible stock sucks. It wobbles like crazy. So you're going to want to replace it with the standard Swiss folding stock which is rock solid. I'd plan on buying a swiss rear diopter sight as well.
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