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One of my semi-retired sidelines is a small Intro to Pistol and Defensive Handgun class I teach through word-of-mouth. Mostly nurses and flight attendants.

Finally convinced my friend that she should take it as well.

She's a natural! After getting the good sight picture, good sight alignment down we worked on learning the trigger reset on the Glock 19 I was letting her use (she now has her own Glock 23 and a Glock 27 for daily carry) and after a few days of practice, this is what she can do.

The VAST majority of the shots are from the repetitive Mozambique drill I have her (and all my students do). A few flyers but she shoots with pain (was in a car accident a year ago and is getting shoulder surgery in a couple of weeks). Not bad!

She put the target in the window of the back door to her garage ;-)

Any of you trained friends, neighbors or loved ones to shoot well? How'd they take to it? How do they do? Pic's?
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