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TAC Force Large Range Bag

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After researching for a long time I purchased a large TAC Force range bag. I have no experience with their products outside of this item. I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic. The bag has a removable floor and side walls so that it can retain its shape. There are two large outside pockets that hold 16 magazines and 2 pistols with built in protective sleeves. All of the hooks are metal and the material is waterproof and extremely durable. This bag has more than enough room for just about anyone. It could easily fit in all the equipment you would need for 3 gun competitions.

I ordered the bag and a bunch of other stuff from LG Outdoors. Their website is extremely slow, however, they were very fast to ship my items and their shipping rates and prices are excellent on most items. I would recommend using them again

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Always helps to put the price you paid Muzz, in case others want to buy :wink: Looks like it could make a handy Bug Out Bag too!
I've had mine for about six or seven years now. It is holding up quite well.

Quite happy with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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