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Here is a nice link describing the high quality Swiss bayonet history.

Here is a nice review of the Swiss SIG 1957 STG 57 Bayonet:

Swiss Sig 1957 Pattern Bayonet

Swiss STG57 Bayonet

Swiss Military Bayonet
The Swiss have been known for making fine products for hundreds of years. Some examples of fine Swiss products are genuine Swiss Army knives and Swiss watches. One item that most people would never guess the Swiss had a reputation for excellence would be making weapons. This is most likely due to the Swiss government's policy of neutrality during WWII.

The Swiss introduced an assault rifle in 1957 to replace their aging population of Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 rifles. The STGw57 is widely considered to be the finest assault rifle ever made, with the accuracy of the rifle being exceptional. Every asepct of the STGw57 exceeds its competitors, including the US M14, the Russian AK47, the Belgium FN/FAL and the German H&K G3.

Observations on the Swiss Sig Bayonet

I am a big collector of military issue bayonets. I started collecting bayonets several years ago, and have close to 40 military issue bayonets of various models from every major military power in the world.

I recently acquired a Swiss Sig 1957 Pattern Bayonet, and have to say its simply the finest bayonet I've ever owned. The one I got was in like new condition, with the engraving and serial numbers still sharp and readable. The bayonet itself is well balanced, and feels great even when used as a hand weapon. The black plastic grip is moulded in a manner that allows it to fit snuggly in hands of any size.

I have owned bayonets from esteemed manufactures such as H&K, Colt, and others. None can compare to the quality of the bayonets made for the STGw57 rifle.

Swiss Bayonet Specifications

Blade Length - 9.4" (239mm)
Handle Length - 4.88" (124mm)
Total Length - 14.6" (370mm)
Muzzle Ring Diameter - .885" (22mm)
Issued with : Stgw.57
Manufacturers: Waffenfabrik Neuhausen, Wenger, and Victor-inox


Any fan or collector of militaria needs one of these for their collection!


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would have to agree, have both styles and both are great blades by themselves never mind the fact that they are bayonets mine are made by Wegner and Victorinox, the 1957 is stamped with the W (F+W), My1957 model has virtually no scratches on the blade has never been sharpened...still has the factory dull edge----these were only to be sharpened if needed----, but the scabbard is marked a little...
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