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SureFire for SIG556?

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has anyone ever used these muzzle brakes with a SIG556? does anyone know if they'll fit the 556classic?

i've heard that they help compensate for barrel twist and that they can be pretty loud.

anyone have any experience with them?

thanks for the info.
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could anyone tell me?

would these MuzzleBrakes fit the 556Classic? even with the "slight overlap" stated in the specs/description?

i would like to know if they fit before spending $150.

My small experience with muzzle brakes tells me it is very loud. There is not much recoil or muzzle climb with the .223 round. Why do you think you need one?
i was interested in these because they also compensate for twist.

which i've notice while watching my friends shoot my 556.. that it has a little more twist than the other rifles i've shot. which is honestly not that many.

i'm not even sure if these are legal in Ca.

how much louder are muzzle brakes usually?

Alot. I put one on my CZ858 and without earplugs,I forgot a couple of times, it was like getting hit in the ear with a frying pan. The 858 is a 7.62x39 rifle.

What the muzzle brake does is re-direct the gasses to the side to reduce felt recoil and upward to reduce muzzle climb, so it makes it way louder for those unfortunate to be around you also.

I'm not sure what you mean by "twist" though. Me thinks holding the rifle properly will help as well as a vert grip.
by twist.. i noticed that you can see the rifle kinda twist in the the shooter's hands. and i've been told that this is because of the riflling twist.

but yeah, the two shops i talked to here in my area won't even check on the price for me...because of the legality.

i don't think vertical grips are Ca legal either.

so i guess i'll just work more on the way i hold the rifle.

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