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Sig Sauer 556-001 the one that restarted it all!

Discussion in '556 Lounge' started by cj_shadow, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Anyone know what an all original Sig 556001 rifle is worth in the Gun Values Book by Gun Digest?
    The Sig556001 is the first US market version (think fish-gill). It is also the first version discontinued. Most had a myriad of Orig Swiss parts in them. I'm curious what they are worth and if they are collectible? Any information is appreciated and if you could reference the source I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks and Stay Safe America!
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    I might have a few... And while I enjoy them a lot, they are just parts is parts/miss-matched kit builds. Doubt it will ever be collectible. Best to just enjoy it for what it is. Upper receiver will be grey-- with a charcoal, or blue lower. It will have 4 bolts securing the top 1913 rail to receiver. From what I know; serial number will be JS 005999 and under (approx). I believe JS 006XXX to 007XXX to be transition models (fewer Swiss parts). This is true of what I've personally seen in samples. Just not sure on exact number sequences for beginning and end of runs. Again, transition rifles will have a black (not grey) upper, and much lower Swiss part count (again, just what I've seen).

    Swiss parts (pre transition) can include (up to) upper receiver stamping (finished stateside) trunnion (proof mark), barrel (not proofed, but both barrel and trunnion are Swiss, with final machining done stateside-- confirmed per Mishaco and some others here, just not sure if threads match Swiss or US rifles?) fire control group (proof mark), gas block (proof mark), piston, bolt (numbered/partially polished) carrier (numbered).
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