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samson or sig swat rail

  • Samson Rail.

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  • Factory Swat rail.

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Sig rail or Samson. cant decide.

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In 2 weeks me and my 556 will be reunited. since im active duty and stationed in kalifornia i had to leave it home. i have been ordering lots of accesories for it and sending em home so its almost got everything. except new handgaurds. it seems there is a fair mix of people who prefer the swat rails and the samsons. just wanted to see the numbers of what people prefer and why. ive heard the samson replaces the top rail on the reciever which sounds like a good idea but not if i have to take it off to remove the gas tube. any way thanks for the advice guys.
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I'm not sure if you've seen this in the other threads on this topic, but the gas tube can be easily cleaned without removing it. The technique is to remove the gas piston as normal, but then instead of removing the gas tube as well, just leave it on the rifle and swab out the inside with a cleaning rod and dry patch. It's easy to do.

Removing the gas tube is really only necessary if you somehow get mud or similar gunk stuck inside your rail.

You may also want to remove the gas tube every few thousand rounds to give the rifle an extra thorough cleaning. In such cases, you'll have to remove 7 additional screws to get the Samson rail off (if that's what you have) before removing the gas tube.

I like the solid construction of the Samson rail and removing the rail once every year or two for a thorough cleaning seems like a negligible inconvenience. That's why I went with the Samson.
I have to agree with NonDescript, Samson is a much better rail, alot sturdier.
Samson has a continious top rail, instead of being interupted (two piece) like the swat rail, especially if you are mounting optics(one less moveing part) +1 Samson.
Another rail that is just as good or better is the Troy(just a thought)
I installed a Samson on my ER. The fit and finish is excellent. I like it better than the Sig SWAT rail (handled it on the Classic SWAT) - the top rail of the Samson is one piece. I wouldn't worry about removing the gas tube. As NonDescript mentioned, it can be cleaned easily without removing it. If you really want or have to remove the gas tube (which shouldn't be very often), the Samson quad rail can be removed and replaced with little effort.
sig 556 rails

I would wait for the Troy battle rails I'am planning on changing my sig swat rails for there as soon as i can get my hands on them.
Any body want to sell their swat rail? I'm still using the ugly plastic fish gills :(
I have the new design swat rail that has a continuous top rail (bolts to the upper) for sale in the non FFL section. I actually like the look of the fish-gill. Keeps it looking like a Sig and not like every other AR with a quad-rail. Still, it's hard to argue function over aesthetics when you're talking tools (or just about anything for that matter).
Why wait for a Troy rail? Unless there is going to be a new version? I bought my Troy rail MONTHS ago (I also live 15 minutes from them). Awesome rail, and it allow for removal of the gas rod without removing the rail. I went with the dark earth for some contrast and will post pics if any of you would like. I haven't had my hands on a Samson or Sig rail so I can't compare; but I will say the Troy is a very nice piece.
Sig put the new two piece rails on my rifle, to replace the crooked 3 piece rail it came with, and I like them a lot. Single continuous top rail and you can remove the gas tube without taking the rails off. I don't think you'd be disappointed with them, but I'm not sure how many variations they have now so you may not end up getting the same ones I have.

The Samson set looks good too, but I believe they're a bit heavier than Sig's version.

I think the Troy rails look ugly as sin.
<puts on the Kevlar helmet and prepares for the shelling>

My choice was not listed... neither.
I S*# canned my swat rail because of the weight, and went to the polymers. Unless your choosing a buis that requires a rail mount, or your thinking about some sort of 15" night vision solution, or your more interested in looks over function... I just say the polymer foregrips are the better solution.

If you really want a quad rail, I would not suggest you go with anything but what you really want.... but just consider the alternatives before you add weight to what is an already front heavy platform.
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