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Anyone have an mcx in 5.56 thst they can compare to their 5.56? Pros and cons? Thanks
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I didn't even know what it was when I got in on the group purchase at work.
lol, me too. Obola was just immaculated and all of the black guns were long gone all over the state. I talked to a clerk and he said that he thought he saw one in back...left and brought out a black plastic box with a sig 556 in it. Neither one of us knew anything about it, but I bought it. :D Pure absolute dumb luck.

"The 556 series was a derivative of the 550 (which could not be imported), but US designed and made....
As far as basics, functions, it's the same weapon. The problems came in when sig started to make cheap parts and then had shoddy, indifferent craftsmanship and workers. If they would have used the same US oriented setup, but used quality machined parts put on by workers that cared...and management that wanted the preceeding to happen, no one would be talking about how the swiss 55x is better than the american 55x.
If anyone has the MCX; page 47 in the owners manual. Guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was, but, that Gas Valve chart looks really confusing. I have a .300 BLK currently unsuppressed, so, press down on - or + ? Maybe they could have spent more time making it more confusing. Maybe it's just me. Any tips appreciated.
Can anyone explain the chart on page 47 of the MCX Owners Manual, section 3.5.1; Two Position Gas Valve?
The "application" and "marking" boxes make no sense to me but might be easy for you to understand. Any
clarification will be appreciated. Thanks.
so Sigs CEO will get a $60 million severance package too?
Coming from a place that transitions technologies to fabrication ... I think I can understand why the 556 didn't take off. They are limited in what they can do while they have to hold to a swiss made design. I think when they begin to make a platform (like the MCX) that's totally something of their make (American make) theyre going to be able to put a lot more chips down on it. They hold all the cards and developmental rights, now, when they aren't acting as the US manufacturing extension of a European company. I mean lets face it they have only truly been their own company now for a little over a decade ... probably making most of their money servicing nothing but euro designed models ... it takes awhile before you can start to actually R&D your own stuff when youre still paying for licensing rights to continue to manufacture and officially service those Euro designed guns the parent company made.

In short xi still lent on its parent companies technologies a tad. MCX is virtually all original in make. I think its a platform they can really hang their hat on as they try to make their own identity. They sort of half assed the break in the beginning because they were scared to lose the rep that their Euro parent company made for them, its a rep that kept them in business long enough to do what they are doing now, and they rode out a time period when other major manufacturers were faltering. I'm actually glad to see them spinning off and trying some original designs.
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still believe that if you got a good xi you have the best rifle available. I was lucky and have 3 amazing xi:s in 5.56 version. Only regret is that i dont have 2 762x39 or 2 300 xi's. Oh 1. Ill get an mcx after theve been out a while and any issues are worked out
Of course ... always let the system get vetted first. Its gonna be good though. Im not really into the skeletonized stuff all that much though. I like my heavy metal ... hence why I went with the older models from them. Same for their handguns ... they better not make the 320 the new norm. Metal frames are forever.

Ill take mine milled out of solid depleted uranium please.
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Criticizing manufacturers, large and small, is one of my soap box issues when I pop in here.
Its not easy making it in the gun business. With an anti-gun government and 3/4 of the population whose only firearms experience is watching some 2-3 hours of fictional police TV dramas and action hero movies demonstrating exactly how NOT to use firearms, and the take away message from it all is that a bad-ass with a gun can conquer all the bad guys of the world, how does a firearms business survive? I suppose that many of the idiots are going to run and buy the tacticool bad guy slayer they saw Aaaah-nold wield with devastating flash and bang, vanquishing the nemesis from hell. Its all fantasy dragon slayer stuff. Everybody should go play some paintball and eat paint till they realize thyre not invincible heroes they fantasize over.

So, complaining about a company like Sig Sauer, whose product leader is pistols, not rifles, not having a perfect rifle, just isn't accomplishing much.
Considering all the other issues a firearms manufacturer deals with like the regulations, reporting, licensing, liabilities, lawsuits, ENDLESS LITIGATION, negative press, internal company conflicts, supplier and contracted supply problems, labor issues, and so much more I don't even know about,
wait for it...

I just say, Thank You, for waking up and doing it every day.
So I can play Rambo on the weekends.
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Art Wood Gas Font Metal

I avoided getting an MCX for years for some reason then found this Gen 1 cheap ($1,156 shipped) recently. It’s impressive in weight, balance, handling, fit & finish.
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