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What is the best deal on p229 .40 mags? I'm finding prices that are all over the place. Also, does anyone know if mecgear makes mags for the 229? I can't find any info on that one. Thanks for your time!
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Zeus said:
Yes MEC GAR makes the SIG facotry mags as well. I have bought from here and had great luck-
Thanks alot! Am I seeing correctly that a 10rd is 19 and a 12rd is 29? That sucks quite a bit.
Yeah. It's a SIG mag, that's about as good as it gets I'm afraid. Go look at HK mags, it will make you feel better :wink:
The 229 357 mags are the same and will work for 40 also in case you weren't sure.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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