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Sig Classic Foling/Retractabale stock

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The new style of folding/retractable stock looks like it is hollow plastic. It is rugged and worth a damn or just bunk?

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It's good to go. There are two versions of it, the original Swiss and the new type which is marked Sig Sauer on the side and has an extra sling attachment point. Rumor has it the newer version is sub-contracted but in my opinion the newer one is just as good, with the added advantage of the extra sling attachment point.

My 556 Classic has the newer version, and I love it. Either way, your SIG folder is the best out there. You will not find a better folder than what SIG puts on it, don't listen to the nitpicking whiners who say it's not Swiss and therefore junk. The Swiss one is no better then the sub-contracted (Israeli most likely) folder you see on the current 556 Classic.

Enjoy your rifle if you did indeed buy one. It won't be long before the whiners come in and say it's junk, but PLEASE do not listen to that. It's a great design.

what's that large eye-bolt and nut going through the stock, in back of the upper receiver? is another sling mounting point?

does anyone know where we can get those?
I was in a local gun shop a couple of days a go that had a patrol version of the 556 classic. It had a sling attachment point at the rear of the receiver just in front of the stock attachment point.

It didn't look like the one pictured though. The sling loop looked more like a flat stamped piece of steel that attached to the rear of the receiver in a recessed area near the top of the opening where the stock locks in. Looked to be perfect for an HK style hook.

The 522 rifle they had there had a sling swivel stud attached more like the one pictured above.
I like that stock on my SWAT. It's more than good enough to do what I want or need it to do. The only negative I have is the plastic clip piece that's on the right side of the stock to "lock" it closed. It comes out from time-to-time when unfoldin' the stock. It doesn't come out any other time, though. I talked to SIG customer service about it while I had them on the phone for another reason, and I was told I could super glue the plastic clip to the inside of the stock, and it wouldn't mess anything up or void the warranty. Other than that one little issue, which doesn't really bother me much at all, I have no complaints. It was even one of the little features I liked over the AR-15.
Can I convert a non-folding M4 adj. stock into Swiss folder?

Can I convert a non-folding M4 adj. stock on my factory 556 into Swiss folder? How much? Do you think it is worth the expense? If not would you change the M4 stock for a Magpul ATS or CTR stock?
Does anyone know a place I can find that new sling loop that's mounted forward of the hinge as a spare part?

I have a 522 and the stock has a sling point there but the loop is sized for a normal Uncle Mike's-type QD, not for an HK hook as shown here.

Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the stock as pictured above and replace with a regular M4 style stock/tube? I ask because I really, REALLY dislike the fit and balance of the new stocks sig is shipping with.
outstanding! Thanks Mark! Of course now that I've got more trigger time with the Sig style stock it's not beggin me to be replaced anymore.
i vote bunk,.

the little plastic part that has SIG molded into it just broke today at the range. the stock was a good idea,. and i did like it despite it feeling the way it did. aparently one of the tabs on the bottom broke and was lost in the snow. i even tried super glueing it back together,. but no dice,. it broke free again after three rounds.

im going to call SIG's CS tomorrow and see about getting that one part replaced. saddly i cant give them a part number to order because my manual is for one of the orginal fishgill rifles with that AR stock on it.

im thinking a Swiss folder from those guys in CO is going to be in my future, i just wish they did not cost as much as they do.
I just can't seem to find it worth keeping. I'm awaiting for the folding adapter to come out so I can put a different stock on. I like the folding option but the stock is not up to my tastes....
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