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Greetings! I picked up a Sig 556 SWAT a couple of years ago and it is hands down one of my favorite guns. I have only shot it a couple of times but the feel and aesthetics have always drawn me in since I was a kid.

The last time I shot it, I tried running my YHM Turbo 5.56 suppressor on it and it did not perform well. With the gas block wide open, it viciously cycled rounds and would actually crimp/dent the casing towards the bottom of the round, eventually leading to a failure to feed. When running in the "suppressed mode", the gun was very quiet but did not cycle a round at all - I would have to manually cycle a round after each shot.

Cleary the gun is too over gassed with the 10" barrel configuration. Has anyone ever modified their gas block to alleviate some of these issues? I was told by a range office that a specific company will actually drill the gas ports out or add an extra port to the existing block, specifically for the 556, but I cant remember the name of the company.

Any suggestions on this is appreciated. Also, I am fully aware that 5.56 does not suppress well and these guns are not the best to run suppressed - I am just wondering if there is a way to set it up since I enjoy shooting my guns suppressed and it looks way cooler.
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