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Hey guys, first post here. Life got hard recently and I'm looking to sell my 556 but doing some looking around the prices are all over the place. Seeing some similar to mine going from 1,000 all the way up to 2,500 - am I missing something? I get that value is whatever someone's willing to pay but 2 grand for a rifle seems high to me. Collectors piece because they're discontinued? Low serials? I've never had to sell before so I don't know what people are looking for. Anyways if you guys could help me out and help me get a rough estimate what to get for my sig I'd really appreciate it

Serial: JT008XXX

She may not be much but I think she's pretty.

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Edit: not going for a shadowsell, genuinely trying to get an idea on price
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