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Sig 556 pistol and rifle. Torture tested? How does gas work?

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Is the operating system the same on the SIg 556 pistol and 556 rifle? Does it throw dirt back into the gun when fired? How close to an AK operating system is it? How many rounds can be fired without cleaning and lube without breaking parts or seizing up the gun?
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Why would the SIG pistol or rifle throw dirt into itself? :? It's not a direct impingment system. In fact it's the exact same thing except shorter. It's about as close to an AK as the AK is to an STG 44 I guess. Same principle. No hot gases/impurities are directed back into the chamber dispersing the lubricant and causing exess heat and friction in the receiver like an AR. As far as how many rounds can be fired repeatedly without maintenance I would guess thousands but there's one way to find out man, knock yourself out. I guess when your gun stops working you can tell us how many and let us know.
I've now put just over 1000 rounds through my 556 without cleaning (with the exception of a bore snake) and have had no problems other than the bolt not locking back on the last round a few times. I can't blame the mags for that as they functioned perfectly in my buddies AR. I've also run the weapon hard and fast and beat the hell out of it by running it through some H2H drills (butt strikes and barrel thrusts on a post mounted tire). The 556 is GTG!
I guess after I get through shooting, I hear my dad's voice in the back of my head lecturing me about "there's two things you always clean well after any use whatsoever..." I'll leave it like that as this seems to be a "family place". :)

My old man often smelled of Hoppe's cologne, er..., solvent.
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