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Well, I guess it wasn't quite so much a contest between tools as it was operators. The event was a local monthly carbine club meet where about 20-40 guys meet up to run a course of fire. They count the time to completion and then add 5 seconds to it for each miss. This time it was 4 stations, 3 were prone and 1 involved running a full ammo can to the next stop while shooting suppressing fire. The shots were around 30-45 yards with two paper plates as targets for each station.

The guy that sits next to me at the office has a SCAR and loves it. He has decked it out with a trijicon (sp?) and a red dot that he tilts the gun to use and all of the required magpul bits (sling/ pistol grip/ mags/ forward wacky grip, etc.). He has taken the FSC-556 off of it and put on a blackout muzzle brake.

I run a 556 classic that ADCO cut back to 14.5" plus perm. attached PWS FSC-556. It has a Magpul trigger guard, old school 1 point sling, Eotech, Aurora sights, CAA pistol grip.

My buddy is about 10 years younger (30 vs. almost 40), a crazy amount of lbs. lighter (if I told you how much, you'd all know what a lardass I am, so I won't) and had just run a similar course of fire a month ago (it had been about 4-5 years for me). I have taken numerous weekend carbine courses though the last one was 5 years ago. He has never had any formal training with his long gun but makes range trips twice a month.

He is the 2nd shooter to run it out of 23 there that day. It starts raining when he gets started. I am the next shooter and it is a pretty heavy down pour when I run it.

Results.....are you ready for this?

He beat me by 10 seconds before misses were counted and then I finished 15 seconds ahead of him after they were factored in. Fast in fine. Accurate is final! The ribbing has already started and it is going to be a long month for this kid.

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