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SIG 556 Bites A Coyote

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Here's my first kill this morning with the new Hornady 75 grain BTJHP on top of 25.0 grains of Hodgdon BLC-2 @ 125 yards.

Got him in the heart, he spun two times, howled twice, and dropped dead.

I love this rifle! :wink:
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He did die with a smile on his face though.... :wink:
Here is Coyote #2 dropped with the same handload at a measured 146 yards while he was sniffing my recently deceased hog..... :lol:

Never in my life did I ever dream that a 500 pound hog killed 5 minutes ago would be outstanding coyote bait???? :shock: :shock: :shock: :lol:
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Sweet! :D
skypup - what break do you have on that muzzle of yours?
It is the Levang Linear Compensator, I put them on both my 556s.

I really like it allot too, as it sends all the muzzle blast forward leaving my ears much more happier, as well as the ears of anyone standing adjacent to me! 8)
Thats really cool thanks!
Works great! 8)

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