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SIG 556 'As Is'?

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Hey, all! I have a 556 SCM that came with the hooded front sight and the STH-400A red-dot. What can I expect as far as accuracy and dependability with this factory set-up (namely the red-dot)? I have no intentions of spending further funds (except for ammo, of course :wink: ) for aftermarket upgrades right now. Eventually I plan on upgrading the sights, but for now I'd like to think that the rifle could/can be utilized efficiently 'As Is' for hunting, home defense/SHTF scenarios, etc. Any experience based insight would be greatly appreciated! Best!
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No clue about the red dot. As far as the fixed front+popsicle, it's a set of BUIS that's quite accurate at 50yds, which is where I zero'd it. Just like any iron sight, don't use it as a hammer, pry bar, or coat hook, and it should work fine for you as long as you do your part.
With the red dot (assuming it holds zero) should give you nice accuracy out to 100 meters or so depending on the size (MOA) of the dot, after that you might be covering up a lot of the target. The USMC trains out to 500 meters with iron sights. For me, I can usually hit center mass of man size target at 300 meters with just irons. If you are looking for MOA accuracy that's only with a nice scope, a bench rest and some talent. All of this is of course just my opinion...
my perfered method is to zero @ 50 yards @ the 200 meter setting...and leave it you a point blank radious of ~ 1 inch out to slightly past 200 meters...and then hold over...

...there are BUIS...not target sights...and designed to allow you to make torso hits on a man sized target...with a 50 yard zero...if your optic fails...just aim POA=POI...out to about 250/300 yards....then hold over...
Aimpoint has some deals going around for a good sight. In reality, a fine rifle like any Sig should have a quality and reliable sight.
I agree with CPTKILLER, I had zero repeatability with SIG red dot so I invested I my first Aimpoint ML3 2 MOA dot with a GG&G mount and could not be happier!

In my humble opinion you'll never regret investing in a good piece of kit. My AUG A3 has a T-1 now as well with a La Rue mount and for all intensive purposes are bulletproof. I leave them on and change the battery each year on my birthday and have never had an issue.
A bit spendy but you get what you pay for!
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