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How long did Sig have your 556 before you got it back?

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ejfalvo said:
:?: Sent my 556 back to Sig for accuracy issues (no surprise given some of the posts here). Anyway, just wanted an idea on how long the turn-around time was.
Mine took almost 4 weeks. They had it for 2 weeks and didn't touch it. Then when they looked at(for week) it I got it back in 2 days. They ship it back 2 day express fedex. You have to have an adult home to sign for it. Mine had to have the bolt catch, barrel and gas block replaced. They said on the phone it takes a while to fix because they have to go off site for a range with 100 yards. They could have shot mine at 25 yards and figured out it didn't shoot. The strange thing was when I got it back it had a 25 yard target with a nice group. What happened to them wanted to shoot it at the yardage I was shooting at?
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