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rebate check??

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Sig called my house over three weeks ago to confirm my address, still no check. I never heard about the accessory option. Has anyone received checks yey?
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I sent my rebate form on 2/8 received my check on 3/9. You should have yours soon.
I got check processed on 25 February (according to the check stub) and it came around 8 March. They still gave me the rebate even though I bought it on the 18th of January.
They offered me the $300 bucks or a $500 credit at their online store...great deal if they weren't out of everything ha!!
rebate check

Still no check, I sent my rebate in on 4 FEB!!
Submitted my paperword on February 23 and have yet to get a phone call nor anything in the mailbox. If I remember right the last rebate offer ($100.00) took about two months. The money is burning a hole in my pocket too :wink:
When I did the rebate through the officers program it took about three weeks. That was in December of last year.
i submitted my paperwork in Jan. still waiting for my check
Sent mine in on Feb 23 and still have yet to hear anything. Any suggestions as to when I should start calling to check up on this?
rebate check

sent mine in 2-4-10, got it today 3-22-10/ it was printed 3-10-10
FINAL got my rebate! Now it's off to buy my optics! Hooray!!! :D

I got mine yesterday never heard a word till now. :D
It took over two months. I was never given an option, the check just showed up in the mail. Turns out Sig gives all new gun purchases a 20% discount at their store. Anyone that used the $500, I hope they talked Sig into the discount on their over priced items.
I received my rebate check yesterday, Monday, May 10th, 7 weeks to the day.
I mailed the rebate form to Sig on Saturday, March 20th, Sig received it on Monday, March 22nd.
Talked with Sig about the offer of accessories vs cash. Gave them my shopping list told them if they could get me that (about $650 worth and most listed out of stock) I'd take the "STUFF." Still waiting on my .357sig barrel for my .229. Sig told me I should have it in the next 2 weeks. Everything else is in and I'm rather enjoying it.
Finally got my check Sat the 15th of May after emailing around the 1st of April opting for the cash. Right at 6 weeks after I resubmitted all that Sig needed.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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