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Please report the accuracy of your NEW Sig 556 rifle

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After going back and forth with Sig on their shoddy repairs for the carrier wear issue, I'm trying to decide if I should just keep my current rifle that has a modified carrier, or just ask for a replacement as offered by Diana. It appears that my "repaired" rifle now will probably shoot ~2" groups at 100 yards with match ammo based on my 50 yard results from the past weekend.

I am weighing my options on what to do next. So, if you could report what sort of accuracy you are getting with your 556 at ~100 yards (with the ammo used and # of shots) I would really appreciate it. We all know that the earlier build rifles seem to shoot great, so I am looking for info on the NEWER rifles in the 20,000+ serial number range. Thanks in advance!
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I have a May 2009 build SCM (NJ compliant version). My first few trips to the range, shooting with iron sights, 100 yards were great for the first 10 rounds - good groupings. I was happy with the accuracy. On subsequent mags (rd of 10), the accuracy kept degrading until the 3rd set I couldn't hit an 8 inch target. I called Sig, sent the rifle back, they replaced the barrel and now it shoots great no matter how many rounds I put thru it. Is it the most accurate rifle I have - no (my Browning A-bolt is) but I'm happy with the accuracy, dependability, and lack of recoil.

Obviously, ultimately it's your decision on what to do, but from my perspective, it's about managing expectations. Sigs are expensive and one expects high quality, dependability, and accuracy. Now that my rifle's issue is resolved, I'm satisfied.
Thank you for the reply, can you quantify what sort of accuracy you are getting? For example, something like: "1.5-inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards" or something along those lines. Thanks!
Had one of the first original 556's, it averaged an inch at 100 with a scope and fed gold match 69's. Sold it and got one of the first classics that became available, and it does the same. Even with wolf 62gr hp's , it averages right at 2" at 100, open sights. I shoot it quite frequently, many rounds/very hot barrel, with supressor, open sights and with wolf ammo, to 600 yards......hits are dang easy out to 500 prone. The diopter sight runs out of spring past 500, and is pretty loose even dialed out for 500yds.
Sig Ohio,I still have'nt gotten around to mounting optics on my classic swat for accuracy testing.
I shot my js-13,000 range sig at 50yrds.with 5x leupy,55gr.pmc ball.
I have a target with 6-shots,one ragged hole you can cover with a nickel.
In my opinion all sig-556's should do the same with the ammo it likes.
If I were you I think I would take sig up on there offer to replace your rifle.
I would not settle for second's or cobbled up half-assed fixes.After all you've been through and put-up with and spent ammo on,I think you deserve it.Maybe sig should even reimburse you for the waisted ammo/money you've spent on your messed up rifle.Well good luck Brother.
Mine will shoot ½" at 50 yards with 75 gr hornady using 10x scope. Hope to get to the range Sunday and try different bullet weights at 100 yards. It is going to start snowing here around 4:00pm today. Hope they finish the new roof by then.
I have an older 556 Commando that shoots 1 inch groups (20 Rnds) at 50 yards with 55 gr Federal. I was using my IOR/Valdada 1.1-4x26 set at 4 power. Sofar, this has been a good rifle. Hope this helps, good luck.
Not a paper puncher for measurements; I shoot at reactive targets, pop bottles, tannerite (haha), etc.

I can hit a 20oz Mountain Dew bottle @ 115 yards with iron sights. That's as much of a MOA measurement as you'll get from me.

If necessary it will kill a goblin to protect my family, and that's all that really matters.
Best I have shot so far is about 1-1.25" @ 100 with a 3 shot group using Millet DMS on 4X and Skypup's 75gr handloads of a bench. The only rifles I am more accurate with are my 2 Savage bolt guns.
I put three mags into a target today at 100 yards and could put my thumb through the target at the center of the grouping. For some reason my SCM favors the left, I don't know if its me or the rifle...probably me.

I was using some Priv knock off cheap Korean brass cased ammo that fired really well. 55grain, can't complain about it seemed to burn pretty clean and was loaded hot.
1.1 MOA @100yds Using Hornady 68 gr @ 2630 fps. Serial JS 025XXX. January 2009 Build. Hopes this helps you out. And yes mine has bolt carrier wear, but it seems to not be effecting this rifle too much. 55gr Federal Bulk 2.5MOA @ 100yds, Hornady 75gr TAP 1.25MOA @500yds, XM193C Federal 2.7MOA @100yds. Been putting this rifle through the ringer and settled on 68gr @ 2760fps, 2.1MOA out to 300m, 3MOA @400m, will post results of this round out to 600m as soon as I get around to it.

3 rounds, 2 inch plus groups at 100 yards.
69 grain Sierra Match Kings, Leupold 4 x 12 scope, bipod rest.
To see a rifles true accuracy you need to do at least 10 shot groups.
I like 20 shot groups.

My sig will usually shoot a 2.5" 20 shot group @ 100 yds with 55 gr hornady bullets and 24 grs of Varget.

My first 3 shots of a group I shot a few weeks ago could be covered with a nickel, after 17 more shots it opened up to around 2"
I've never missed a groundhog out to about 125 meters using a variety of ammunition in my SIG 556006 manufactured late 2007. I use an old Aimpoint for my sighting.
extreme accuracy to Ho Hum accuracy

The first week I received my new Sig 556 I loaded Sierra 60 gr HP with 22.5 grains of Varget. My first 5 shots ended in a 3/8" group from 100 yards. Next was a 2-1/2" group at 300 yards After that my grouping fell apart and and the average group with that load is about 1.25". I was using an inexpensive 3-9x40 bushnell scope. I have since stopped using this round because the rifle won't always cycle properly due to its light load. I then tried some Sierra 69 gr HPBT with a strong 25.5 grains of Varget and got a 5 shot 5/8" group at 100 yards. 500 rounds later and I'm lucky to get a 2" group with anything. I'm still searching for the right combination but I've almost decided the 2" group is good enough. Any thoughts about the difference in groups? The barrel has never gotten hot and has never been rapid fired and has always been carefully cleaned with Hoppes and the copper removed with KG-12.
I also have a question about the discharge on the outside of the gas tube. There seems to be a tarnished copper colored stain mixed with carbon right where gas enters the tube. Could this be part of the bullet getting shaved off at the barrels' gas port? Could it just be residule fouling left in the barrel after cleaning? I'm new to semi autos so pardon me if this question sounds goofy. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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moses said:
To see a rifles true accuracy you need to do at least 10 shot groups.
I like 20 shot groups.

My sig will usually shoot a 2.5" 20 shot group @ 100 yds with 55 gr hornady bullets and 24 grs of Varget.

My first 3 shots of a group I shot a few weeks ago could be covered with a nickel, after 17 more shots it opened up to around 2"
I disagree. 5 shots at 100 is the industry standard. Competition benchrest measures a 5 shot group to determine accuracy. More than that is overkill. 5 ten shot groups would serve you better in determining a rifle's true potential.
I had the pleasure of taking my new 556 to the range today as well. Played hookey and took a vacation day. First nice day in NY for quite some time.

I shot my Sig556 with a 4.5x14x40mm Leupold Vari-X3 scope mounted on it with Leupold Mark4 rings.
I shot 69gr Privi Partizan bullets with AA2520 and W748 powder as well as a 60gr Hornady V-Max that I use in my Armalite Flat top with great success as one of my main prairie dog rifles.

After spending the day shooting various ammo in both the Sig556 with the scope and my Armalite 24" flat top I can say that the Sig556 is only shooting about 2MOA at 100 yards.
After shooting about 10 rounds by bolt carrier looked like this.

I am going to try one more outing with some of my NRA Highpower loads and see I'll post more later.

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I shoot 1 inch groups out of an 8 inch barrel using an Aimpoint comp m4 in 1/7 twist barrel using factory Hornady 75 gr match or tap ammo, Ruag gp 90 gives me 1/5 inch groups. Shooting the 20 inch barrel, using a nf 3.5-15x50 (some wild ass reticle with numbers lines and stuff) in a larue mount QD 104 mount, ruag gp 90 consistently shots 1 inch groups, pmc 55 grain might be 3" groups, haven't tried the hornady match, korean m855 green tip is also moa, shooting the 17.9 inch barrel, 1/7 twist with hornady match, Larue qd 104 mount NF 1-4x24, classified, this is one helluva rifle, the absolute best. I use the trg to make the holes bigger so they are easier to see through the swarovski bino's.
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