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Hello, all. I have a new 556 Patrol, and while it's primarily a trunk gun for defense with an Aimpoint Micro on a quick-detach mount, I want to have the option of a 2-8 or 2-9 variable scope to use at the range, just for fun at longer distances (I'll put the scope on a QD mount, too, so I can switch back and forth btwn it and the Micro).

Problem is, the lower cheek weld on the Swiss-style folding stock (which I love, BTW) makes this a problem when coupled w/the rotary diopter the Patrol comes with.

When I first bought the rifle, I thought (and still do) that the perfect fix to this problem is a simple, removable cheek riser. Obviously, the Swiss Arms product is the answer, but after looking everywhere online, I can't find anyone who sells it, despite the umpteen other 550-51 mods avail. for the 556 here in the States. A couple companies sell a fake for the "real"-ish airsoft copies, but even those are out of stock. I found one guy who was gonna make a copy, but his website says he only had 14 people who wanted to buy one (incl. him), so he might not mfg. it.

Can any of you distinguished 556 authorities help point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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