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I'm hoping somebody can take a few measurements on a P556 for me. This relates to my 552ish/553 clone project built on an airsoft receiver. A few years back I bought what I thought was a 552 front end but turned out to be a P556. I made my own piston/op-rod, but my piston head is a little too deep and the mainspring is fully compressed just before the carrier has cycled enough to clear the bolt catch. I know I can make it a little smaller and it will cycle, or I could use a flatwire spring if I can find one, but since I'm going to make a new piston anyway I want to get it as close to the real deal as possible.
A - back of rod to front edge of charging handle slot
B - total length
C - piston face to spring shoulder
D - piston head length
E - back of rod to center of roll pin
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