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p238- colt mustang 380, are parts interchangable?

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looking for mother of pearl scales for the new p-238. i have found a supply for colt model 380 and was wondering if the would fit the p-238. i don't have access tto a colt to check

shot first time today 50 rds, ran flawless, american arms atlanta range ammo ( $19.00 bx/50 ). very smooth snd very accurate serial#12xxx.
can't wait to go back.
fyi $429.00 academey sports greenville, s.c.( no tax weekend )

sig 556 eotech 512
walther p-22
xdm 9-mm
sig- 238
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I know that the mags are interchangeable...not sure about the rest.
Magazines interchange.

There are sufficient differences in the P238 & Mustang that I would not believe other parts would interchange -- very especially the barrel. The way the two guns "lock up" are different.
Check Rhynotec for grips. My wife just ordered some green aluminum for her 238 with the rainbow finish, hey what can I say it is her gun, as far as other parts I think many will interchange as the 238 is a basic copy of the Mustang but would just have to sit down with both guns and check fit parts before saying for sure.
There is also a guy on that makes and sells grips for the 238. Hope it helps
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