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P226 9mm sometimes fails to lock the slide back

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Hey guys

Should I be concerned if my 226 9mm sometimes fails to lock the slide back after the last round? It's a brand new gun. I've put 4 clips through it and it locked on 2 and did not lock on the other 2.
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Couple of questions. Four seperate mags or same ones? Same ammo in all mags or different ammo?
New guns and mags have to break themselves in. I have had the same problem with other guns and they ussually break themselves in on there own.
Ammo and mags can cause this also try a different mag and ammo and see if it still does it. Hope it helps
Are they all MEC GAR or factory SIG mags? That may be the problem.
Yeah bet the non factory are the ones that dont lock back. I have a Sig P6 that had that problem but the factory mags that came with were old.
Bought new factory mags and problem stopped.
Test it with factory mags and bet they work fine.
Thanks for the replies.

I used the factory mags with the same ammo. I'll shoot it some more and cycle the magazines a bit to try and break them in.
I'm a SIG armorer so, hopefully, some of this will help. First, make sure that you are not resting your thumb on the slide stop. Often, especially with a new weapon, malfunctions are induced by the shooter. Second, test your weapon with each mag and see if the problem occurs with only certain mag's. If so, you may consider replacing that mag's spring or follower or both. If the problem continues, you may need to replace the slide stop tension spring. This is mounted on the left side of the locking block and you'll have to remove the take-down lever and locking block to get to the spring (I really doubt this is your problem).
Cool, an official SIG armorer. I will have to remember that :wink:
Thanks tvchance! I will test all the mags and pay more attention to where my thumb is.
...Aubie shouldn't be having these issues with your "new" 226 using "new factory" mags...

...did you clean and properly lubricate your pistol ?...and are you using good quality commercial ammunition that's up to SAAMI specifications?...using underpowered ammunition will do this...especially on a new gun... tvchance said...mabey you're riding the slide catch...or you may not be holding the gun as firmly as you should... overly stiff slide catch spring sometimes causes this...with the slide off the pistol...insert an an empty magazine into the pistol...the magazine follower should immediately lift the slide catch lever up into this check with all your mags...

... an overly stiff or improperly installed recoil might want to check that the recoil spring is installed properly...the tight end should go onto the guide rod first... could also be a damaged/flawed slide catch or an improperly machined arresting notch in the slide...something that Sig needs to take care of...

...after checking the above and after cleaning and properly lubing your pistol...

...load one round of good commercial U.S. produced ammunition into each mag and fire...hold the pistol firmly and keep your your thumb off the slide catch...the slide should lock back each and every time with each magazine...if it doesn't...i would return it to Sig Sauer for inspection and repair...
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