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xpdchief said:
My plan is to shoot my SIG556 (SIGSCM) at the range. The local range is 100 yards maximum, with plans to eventually extend it out to 200 (maybe more) yards.

If possible, could you recommend an optic to be used now (100 yards), and in the future (200+ yards). My budget for the optic is up to $400.00.

Thanks in advance,
Ullie's recommendation is right on, but I had a small budget at the time I was looking and could only shoot 100yds so so I bought the Leupold Mark AR below for $279. I am all over center and it is a great scope for use a that distance. I haven't tried it at 200 but my logic was that if i wanted to start shooting out for longer distance and/or was interested in sniper shooting, I would not only get an appropriate scope but a rifle that shoots 300 or 338 ammo.. but that's just me.. still working towards that... ... 67170.html
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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