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Have any of you have any issues fitting the Night Fision's sights to your P-365s?

So everything started whe my P-365 was dropped from the top of a refrigerator, to the floor accidentally by my lovely wife. 🙄
Fortunately SIG's passive safety worked and there wasn't an accidental discharge.
Unfortunately it landed on the rear sight, mostly impacting the top rear section of the rear sight, damaging the tritium on one side the OEM X-ray rear sight.
I made some research on my options to get this sight replaced and I ended up attracted to Night Fision's Tritium Sights.
They had some attractive options & combinations better for my tired eyes.
I decided on the front post having a Red ring w/tritium insert and the rear having a "U" notch, White ring w/tritium inserts. The model I received was: SIG-176-007-RGWG, which suppose to be for P series pistols with #6 front and #8 rear.
This is my 3rd time replacing, dovetail iron sights on handguns so I thought I had it down packed.
I received the new sights and went to work, starting with the rear sights. The OEM sight came off fairly easy. Cleaned up the dove tail on the slide and started the installation. The sight initially went in with hand pressure maybe 1/4 of the way in, so I started filling and fitting. I was able to get it in about 60% of way in when I realized there's an issue.
The rear sight design on both the OEM X-ray and N.F. have a design where the front portion of the sight, over extends on top of the slide. In fact the P-365 has a shelf cut, on the slide just forward of the dovetail cut, to allow clearance for these sights. The issue is that the dovetail design on the OEM X-ray is slightly taller than the Night Fision's model. This causes the Night Fision's model to bind up with the slide's shelf.
I contacted Night Fision via email and although they took over a week to reply, they afterwards sent me a replacement rear unit at no cost. Although they weren't directly accusing me on installation error, they kind of insinuated it was.
I received the rear replacement unit fairly quickly but this time, before I did any type of filling or modification, I compared both the OEM X-ray vs. the N.F. which I should have done originally. To no surprise I confirmed the issue which I suspected all along.
The pictures are from the unaltered sights and I think they speak for themselves.
I immediately emailed N.F. again informing them on my findings on the replacement unit and forwarded them exactly the same images and I got the following reply: "I have forwarded your concern on to the engineering team. Our sights are going to match the OEM height dimensions and dovetail fitment. With the concern you are having with the fitment of this sight, I do recommend reaching out to a professional gunsmith for assistance.
In the meantime, I will reach out once engineering gets back to me.
I'm beginning to think that they're trying to deflect this obvious issue by giving me a generic reply. I'm hoping someone knowledgeable from N.F. assists me with this issue.
I'm thinking that by removing material from the bottom part of the sight that overlaps on the top of the slide, will solve the issue but I won't touch it until Night Fision realizes that there's fitment issues with the P-365.
What do you guys think?
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