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Newest member of the family, the long lost big bro

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Figured I'd take advantage of the rebate, so I bit the bullet and finally got my rifle! Got a 556 ER (SN JT0038xx) at a great price. Told myself I'd sell the ak and a beretta to offset the costs, but maybe just the 96D :lol: Haven't sent off my form 1 yet for the p556 sbr build, so took the liberty to borrow some accessories from the 'lil bro (aimpoint comp m4s, caa vertical grip, and eventually an ace socom m4s when I acquire a castle nut tool) since only the comp m4s was being used. Went and shot 200 rds through her without a FTF, FTE, or any other problem at all! F'in sweet!!! Finally got her sighted in @ 50 yds 1" low

some pics...

The newest family member 556 ER SN # JT0038xx (hope it's a good one)

new sig straight charging handle! (wish I had another)

2nd to last target for the session...
2" sticker @ 50 yards aiming 1" high

not too shabby 8)

last target for the session...
another 2" sticker aiming 1" high

Shoots like a dream! Can't wait to go shoot her again... :D
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Nice shootin' - glad to hear you enjoy your rifle! :wink:
Do you know when it was manufactured? Just curious because you have the screw type front take down pin. Looks great and your shooting is commendable, enjoy.
Old style lower receiver too I see. Sweet!
Thanks skypup! I definitely am ecstatic with her since I haven't had the best luck with the last 2 sig purchases, which were remedied quickly, and from my 1st outing with her, crazily considering getting another before tues. b/c of the rebate, but might have to sell the ak or a kidney :)

Thanks Sarge1998! Don't think I could shoot those groups with my AK tho... front sights slightly canted :x but how many aren't? haha Born-on-date was July 8th, 2K9. Yeah I actually prefer the older style M4 lower so I can swap out stocks to my liking, but newer style captive pin is better. Will replace it with a KNS, The rear detent spring sucks balls so I'ma end up tapping both 556s, unless it'll truly void my warranty as i've read on here...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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