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new one time malfuntion

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Hey guys i was shooting the other day shot about 400 rounds total with a buddy.i had fired and a spent round ejected but the bolt hung on the next round in the mag (pmag) the bolt carrier had brought it back far enough to eject but the bolt itself was hung into the top of the next round with a gouge put into the casing most of the way from where the neck ends and almost to the case rim.but the bolt was hung on the round solid at the rear of the round. i dropped the mag and the bolt went forward.i took it apart and inspected everything and put it back together and shot 200 rounds. is it possible that the next round was out of the mag when i fired and when the bolt came back the next round interfered with the normal action and was shoved back into the mag but not before catching the bolt and stopping it from turning normally? i did a recreation with a dummy round dropping it into the mag well and inserting a mag with another round in it.i slowly pulled back the bolt and i could see the loose round went back into the magazine but it did not jam however i feel it could have if the bolt and carrier were coming back full force.have i figured this out here and need to maybe break those mags in as they were brand new?
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Are the mags new? Did it happen with more than one mag? I would unload the mags and run the follower up and down about 30 times in each one. Then reload them and test fire.
sounds like a weak load and it didn't cycle fully!
yupp brand new mags. oh no it cycled alright it ran part of the bolt up on that round and put a 1-1/4 long gouge in it so im thinking it has out of the mag when the bolt came back and interfered with the turning of the bolt.but i only had it once with one mag.and im thinking if i just work the follower it wont happen again.but it blew back hard because it was jammed solid.
Just because the bolt went back far enough to eject the spent shell doesn't mean that it went back far enough to pick up the next round. As AC45ACP said, sounds like a weak round that didn't cycle fully, causing the bolt to catch on the top of next round.
i guess thats possible but i dont see how it could have been jammed so hard back into the top of the next round where it put a 1/16 of an inch deep gouge in the side of that case if the bullet charge was weak. i physically couldnt pull the charging handle back or push it forward untill i dropped the mag. the bolt carrier group was just stuck 3/4 open.the round was in such shape that i discarded it.but i appreciate the help here and it seems like a one time deal.and i also had 900 rnds through it since last cleaning. so im sure it was about due for a scrubbing.but any other ideas from anyone i appreciate.
...lots of things occure when the rifle fires and cycles...and everything needs to happen in some sort of order and just right...sometimes things just don't mesh just right and you have a's the nature of the beast...i wouldn't be too concerned...
yeah i have only had four total malfunctions three which were ammo or mag related and this one and that is approximately 1 malfunction per 1000 rounds figuring i never broke in the mags and thats how i got a malfunction before. i had a round jump out of the mag upon ejection.i will givethem a good rogering that should take care of it. :D thanks guys
...magazines don't need to be broken in...although it's a good idea to run the follower up and down with a wooden dowel ~ 30/50 times or so...this "may" smooth out a little roughness on the surfaces here and's best to take them apart and inspect them...especially the should glide smoothly in the body of the magazine...
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