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New 556 owner here! Picked up JS035XXX SWAT with a June birthday. I bought it unfired with the original box and docs. Previous owner tried to make it a “Classic*” by adding MFI FO sights and the plastic hand guard. Wish they had the original rail and sights just to have. Has the telescoping/folding stock. Even has a set of of the plastic, coupled SIg magazines.

*Not sure if Classic is the right word. I’m still learning everything about this family of guns.

Still need to shoot it. But from handling to so far, here is what I’ve found…

I actually like the trigger. Very SWISS like some do the B&T products I have.

The stock is okay. It’s got some wobble and the gets stock on the hand guard tab when it’s folded. Ends up pulling out the locking tab from the stock. Wish there was an aluminum stock option or fixed option.

The plastic hand guard has a little back/forth and side wobble. But nothing crazy. Not any more than you find in other platforms. Someone make an aluminum version of the smooth hand guard!

Replacing the left side safety with a Krebs asap!

Overall very happy. Wanted one of these for a king time.
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