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New addition

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Shot my buddy's last weekend and had to have one. Found an incredible deal on this used one and brought it home today :)

Savage 17HMR. Look out praire dogs!
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They're great shooters. I have a CZ452 American in that caliber. I shot mine in Wyoming a few years back at some White Tailed prairie dogs. Great fun, but only effective to about 170 yards. Ammo is pretty costly these days too.
Its why I opted for a centerfire 17, much more reach and much more airtime on hits.... :D

The fact that I can hand load for the 17 Mach 4 is much more appealing to me cost wise. Haven't fired my 17HMR since.
Awesome Savage!

You'll have to put some nice optics on it! :D

I ordered a custom 5.56mm 20" long 1:8" twist barrel for my Thompson Contender rifle about a month ago and should be getting it pretty soon.

Also got a new Redfield 3-9X 50mm scope to put on it with some Burris XTR rings.

I'll post some pics of it and it's first targets with my 75 grain 5.56mm handloads when I get it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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