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I've always wanted a 1911 and I think my first shouldn't have to break the bank. I've read a lot of positive reviews on 1911s from Rock Island Armory. Everyone is saying it's a fantastic entry level 1911. I'm looking at the "Tactical" version in particular. It does have a full-length guide rod which is a plus (depending on your preference). They run on average $420-$450.

I had a few questions regarding this 1911:

1. It does NOT have a firing pin or drop safety. Would it be dangerous to carry the RIA in Condition 1 because of this? Is this a big deal?

2. What modifications would you make out of the box? I know I would change the sights to night sights and probably get checkered wood grips.

3. How does the 1911, in general, perform under torture tests? Dirt, mud, water, extreme fouling, etc.

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