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I feel pretty good about these bags for prices, the rifle case had some giant backpack straps on it that i cut off, carry it like briefcase, holds my rifle, my 9mm, extra mags, that green cleaning kit bag is actually my allen wrenches, flathead, needlenose pliars, etc that i might need

In IL you supposedly can carry ammo and a weapon in same case and it's legal but I'm not into trouble, guns in the trunk, ammo in the front.

the rapid deployment deal is all i need for the range, hold 200+ rds in boxes, the front mag pouches holds 2 mags in each but pretty tight, clip for my 9mm mag and 50 rd box-9mm, can wear on either side, which allot of the shoulder bags i was finding were right 9mm holster is there.. i dont think im hardcore enough to wear a big tac vest but this is nice to practice loading if wanted to. good for walking/4wheeler property hands free but have enough ammo/mags on you if your out west where your free. I keep zombie fighting in the back of my mind, this is nice go bag for ammo/mags.

decent price, both seem constructed well and carry everything i need between them. kinda low key. ... ts_id=4024 ... -pack.html
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