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MSAR Steyr Aug clones goin' cheap!!

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(now posted in the right section...)
Just a heads up for anyone that has ever wanted to own a Steyr AUG. Back in the day (like 20 years ago) I could never justify the $$$ for one, BUT read on...

The US made MSAR STG-556 rifles are currently on sale at a few places, including and This is the rifle that is .223 and takes its own magazines and also AUG ones (and not the newer E4 wich take M16 mags)

Here's the list at Buds: ... ar&x=0&y=0

The pics do not necessarily match the guns, best to decode the model number:

20 - Stg-556 (25=E4 model=$$$ more)
0X - color, 1=black, 3=Olive Drab
RRH - Rail (no optic) right hand (if just RH then it is right hand with the scope).
RLH - Rail (no optic) left hand (if just LH then it is left hand with the scope).
NN - Barrel length, 16 or 20
C - If it ends in a 'C' then it has a compensator rather than a flash hider, so this would be the model for those in states like NY that forbid evil flash hiders!!

I picked up a 2003RLH20 - Olive Drab, Lefty (I shoot lefty, but am right handed, go figure), 20 inch barrel rifle with the rail (and not the optic) for $982(!!) at buds, and got a bunch of 30 round mags from Ratworx for $13 each (which is a DEAL). I'm going to put a SPOT scope on it ( A 6" side rail can be added on the right side of the receiver - $70(!!) or you can get a non factory one from for $44 shipped.

Right hand guns can also be made LH by changing out the Bolt ($135 or so).

With a 16" barrel these are SBR short (27") without the NFA hassle and even with the 20" barrel they are only 31" overall.

Its gonna look something like this, but OD not black.

Woo hoo...roll on next week...
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Love my E4 model, got it for ~1450 on gunbroker, to me it was worth more to be able to use my existing ar15 mags with it since I already have 40 or so of them and would rather they work in as many guns as possible. Also the standard 1/2x28 threading allowed me to mount my suppressor on it without a funky adaptor :D.


Just some some e4 models for 1299 on gunbroker... great deal!
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I just got an E4 on Gunbroker for $1249.00 .Pretty neat little rifle.I got the 20" barrel OD green version,and it is pretty sharp looking.Put an Eotech 512 on her and will go shoot her on Saturday.This rifle is totally unlike any rifle I ever had before.Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Skipped the spotscope idea and went with a Burris 2-7x26 on an after-market rail that is a bit lower than factory. Installed a 'Trigger Tamer' that reduces the trigger pull.

Even with a 20" barrel this is only 31" long!

I guess I ought to go shoot it....

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Hows the trigger compared to the 556? What's the field strip like? How easy is it to do tactical and speed reloads? Sorry for all the questions but it might make my "to get" list after I know more :)
The trigger is 'biullpup style'...consider that the trigger pack mechanism is behind the ejection port and there is a rod from the trigger going back to the trigger pack. There is not much in the way of 'feel' - you just pull the trigger back and at a certain point it lets go.

This may be partially by design - with the select fire AUG you pull the trigger back partially to fire a single round, pull it back all the way to fire on auto. Most of the components in the trigger pack are plastic so its not a finely honed mechanism by any means!

Take down is quite easy - the entire receiver can be removed from the stock (catch is stiff, but should improve), and the barrel can be removed from the receiver easily (you can change barrels on the rifle in a few seconds).

As far as mag changes go - its going to take practice. The empty mags do not drop free, they have to be pulled out, and the mag and release are in an unfamiliar place compared to the sig, ARs, FAL etc, here is an article published by SWAT magazine on how properly perform speed/tactical reloads with the aug bullpup platform, I read it in the magazine and unfortunately the only place I could find it published online was on the facebook fan page for Steyr Arms, Inc. I promise it isn't spam though and you should have no problem reading it if you don't have an account for facebook. I just thought you might like having a little bit more information on it.

Great looking AUG's by the way, I've been wanting an E4 since they announced them. The one thing keeping me from investing in the AUG style platform before then was not wanting another proprietary magazine to stock up on.
Great article - very useful!
I've put my name on a list with a dealer that is supposed to get in some MSAR E4's in the next week or so. I have my fingers crossed for a 16" OD green rail model to be in stock by then.
The E4 variant takes ar15 magazines which I think is a plus.
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cost? I've been keeping an eye on the inexpensive ones on Buds but I want a 16" E4 so I can use my mags
I got quoted about $1550, final price will be when they call and have the guns in hand. More than that, I probably wouldn't pay. I too would want the E4 for the magazine compatibility.
same info I got from ratworx. At that price, I'll pass. I can deal with the clear mags for less than $1k from Bud's.
Do the E4 versions work with PMAGS?
yes, it should
I picked up a 16" black STG556 RH2001 w/ optic model from Buds at the $1088 price. Expecting it at the FFL anyday now......droool.
hrgrisso said:
Do the E4 versions work with PMAGS?
Mine does, but they dont drop free.
how long ago? the only 16" for that price is a left-hand model. I'd really like a 16" in OD.
I heard that if you call up MSAR they just might replace a brand new left handed bolt with a brand new right handed bolt at no charge...(but I'd call first before buying the rifle!!).
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