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Well, I have been playing with my 522 a bit lately. Thought I would share some of the things I did.

Here she is.

First thing I did was mount the Milett DMS1 1-4x30mm scope in an American Defense Manufacturing mount that used to be on my 556.

next I changed out the A2 style flash hider with a 550 style flash hider from Colorado Gun sales. I had originally bought the flash hider to put on my 556, but am going another way on that rifle so on the 522 it went.

Next up was swapping out the "Swiss Style" handguards with a set of actual 551 black handguards. I used the zip tie trick to make them fit in the gas block with much success. For those of you that haven't heard about the zip tie fix, here it is. When the 551 handguards are used on a 556 or 522 the groove in the gas block that the front lip of the handguards goes into is a little too big for the 551 handguards and the front of the handguards move around too much. If you take a zip tie (black preferred) cut it to length and tuck it into the groove around the outside of the handguard lip. You might have to use two of them depending on the size of the zip tie. Once the excess gap is filled with the zip tie all the slop in the handguards it snugged up. I can even remove the handguards and replace them leaving the zip tie in place.

I think the Swiss 551 handguards look much better than the so called "Swiss Style" handguards. And they have a slight ridge that make them more comfortable to grip.

Lastly I installed a laser sight were the fake gas tube goes into the gas block. I saw a thread about this somewhere a while back and can't find it anywhere now. If anyone has the link please post it. I picked up a $30 Center Point brand laser sight from Wal-Mart. It was a little too big to fit inside the plastic fake gas tube, so I took out the tube all together. The laser housing fit well into the hole where the tube was, but I had to find a way to lock it in. there are three holes alread in the gas block that go toward the gas tube hole, but I didn't have any screws small enough to put in those holes to tighten into the laser housing. I did find a small roll pin and tapped it into a small hole coming in from one side. It kept it from sliding in an out, but there was a still a little up down play in the laser. I put a small strip of rubber I had in the top of the upper handguard above where the laser sits and reinstalled the handguards. This locked the laser in solid. If it loosens up after shooting I will tap the other two holes in the gas block and get some set screws to lock it in that way.

Here is how it looks.

Then I ran the pressure switch out one of the vent holes and velcro taped the pressure switch down to the handguard. I can easily replace batteries by removing the handguard and unscrewing the tail cap of the laser housing.

None of this so far has made any permanent modifications to the gun.

Anyone else out there do anything interesting with there 522? Post it here.
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