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Miss feeding.

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I was at the range yesterday and I shot about 100 rds of remington and winchester rds. Then I switched to Hornady rds. Then it started to miss feed. The knob was in position 1. And when the miss feed started happening I switched it to position 2 and it was fine. But then I switched it back to position 1 and it started to miss feed again. Any thought on why it miss fed whether it's the ammo or the gas system?

Before going to the range, my rifle has not been shot for about 4 months, and it was clean. I put rem oil on the gas rod, I don't think i put any in the tube itself. and I probably didn't put any lube on the bolt carrier or bolt. I think at the time I just wiped it with rem oil.

Any thoughts?
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That is weird.

Were the Rem, Win, and Hornady rounds all the same bullet weight?

Sometimes a lower weight bullet may not cycle properly, but beyond that I have no idea. Never experienced that problem myself.
i know the remington and winchesters were 55 gr. and i think some of them were 45 gr. But I definately know that all the hornady's were 45 gr. Does that really effect the cycling of the rifle?
Miss feeding

The 223- 45gr. ammo may not have enough power to fully cycle the system. Try some heavier stuff. Maybe some winchester- 556 full power ammo. I found sports authority to usually carry some. Maybe once your sig has been broken in,ie shot a bunch. It may function with the 45-grainer's, but with the 1/7 twist it was designed to shoot the heavier stuff.
55gr.62,69,75. I would try the heavier stuff though, and go from there with some good mags also.
I could believe that you could have problems cycling the BCG with the 45 grain rounds on a newer rifle that has not been completely broken in yet. I only shoot 69 and 75 grains bullets and mine and have never ever had any FTF or FTE, works like a charm.
What about the fact that the 45gr is a shorter bullet and therefore the OAL of the cartridge may be different causing a feeding issue from the mag itself? Does the 45gr round have a canelure crimp? Maybe it's bleeding off some pressure. Just a few things I thought about.
yea, i got nothing but PMAGS for my sig. but i'll definately try out the heavier grains.
I think that's your problem. I have had light bullets not properly cycle my weapons before. Anybody want some 90 grain 6.8? My LWRC hates em. :(
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