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Members sign in and say hello !

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Well it seems we are starting to get some new members coming in so I thought it might be good for us all to stop in and say hello.

I'm in Shelby NC, Got about 6 AR's, an AK, a couple C&R rifles and a couple rimfires.
I'm the Director of Security for the company I work for that builds armored vehicles for the military used in IED removal.
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Hello. I’m in Central Texas and have a 556 factory SBR pending on a form 4. I’m looking for a Swiss style stock and a plastic forend for it. Green if I can get it or maybe just black to keep things easy. The sbr comes with the collapsing stock and the railed handguard.

thanks for having me!
Hello !
Newbie here to the forum. Owner of a 556R for several years... Just "pulled the trigger" on a used 556. JS serial. Must say I love these rifles. I have a comprehensive collection. ARs, AKs (Valmet & Galils as well) , FALS and all HK series. The SIG's are hands down the nicest of everything I own.. I am pleased to be part of the community.
Hope you are all doing well enough considering the way of the world right now.
New member from Oklahoma, just picked up my 2nd 556. First one only had it for 3 weeks and my friend brow beat me into selling it to him. Did get to shoot it quite a bit though and was very pleased with it.
Will be making a post here soon with some pictures of the new one, have a few questions that google fu hasn't been able to answer.
Have a good night everyone.
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In from North Texas. Been part of Sig Talk for many a year... never registered here after I acquired a Sig SWAT 556.
From behind the Iron Curtain in Kaliforniastan. Had a 556 for about ten years. Really like it. Just joined and saying howdy!!
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