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Members sign in and say hello !

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Well it seems we are starting to get some new members coming in so I thought it might be good for us all to stop in and say hello.

I'm in Shelby NC, Got about 6 AR's, an AK, a couple C&R rifles and a couple rimfires.
I'm the Director of Security for the company I work for that builds armored vehicles for the military used in IED removal.
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Welcome to the Forum and ... Happy Shooting! :)

All new members: post pictures of your gear in the thread here:
Let's See Your SIG556
Welcome to the Forum, Reed!

Hope you'll find what you're looking for. Put the "Search" function to work.
Happy Shooting!
Just traded into a slightly used Sig 556 Classic (2009 build) and the butt pad is crumbling off. Called Sig and they no longer support the 556 Classic with parts.

I'm looking for a Double Diamond LE Supply Stock Adapter. Looks like DDLES is no longer in business. Anyone have an adapter for sale of have other ideas?

Thank you,
Reed (new member in Atlanta GA)
Have you looked "Quarter Circle 10". Seems they bought the old company you are looking for. Good Luck?
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New member from Texas, just put a Swiss style side folder lower on my rifle and looking to learn more mods to do
Welcome to the Forum and ... Happy Shooting! :)

All new members: post pictures of your gear in the thread here:
Let's See Your SIG556
Hello from Oklahoma! I’m a nighttime hog hunter. I use many different weapons from bows, revolvers, levers, .223 SA’s, and sometimes I take my 7.62 “twins”. The girls shoot brass and I tried a mag or two of imported out of curiosity. After Sandy Hook I bought a case of copper-washed Asian ammo and was told it wasn’t corrosive, but alas it is, but it was only 10 rounds worth and it only took about 12 hours later for me to figure out and take preventative action. I’m down to 8 boxes of brass Hornady SST and the new stuff is now steel cased. Looking for a commercial replacement and seriously considering reloading. I hear 2nd hand that the “twins” are most likely a .310 bore. I’d love to meet the “guru” on the best round to use for accuracy and reloading info. Would also like to visit with the hog hunters out there that use the 556R. Here’s a pic of the “twins”. Both are 100% stock. One’s a 28C and the other is a 28E s/n.


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Hello, occasional lurker. Im actually in commiefornia for a few years for work I had to leave my babies back home in Wisconsin. Sad. I was looking at getting a sig556xi (for back home of course). Wanted some input from some sig people. I have some friends that love theirs but eh idk.
Anyways Greetings
New member. Just bought a 556R Gen II. Bought it from a close friend. I'm very familiar with the rifle and have range shot it several times. I plan on using it for night hog hunting with a thermal scope. I currently use a stainless Mini-30 (new version) with great success. I'm hoping the Sig has a bit more reach and accuracy. I bought some Lapua ammo and plan on a 200 yard shootout bench contest in the near future.
Howdy fellas. I've read a lot of posts here but finally making an account (mainly to help track down parts like preban magazines haha).

Finished an (early serial number) P556-based 553 lookalike earlier this year and it's hands-down my favorite rifle.
I am Rich from NC, an AK, VZ and Sig 556R aficionado, collector and "master plinkerer".
I am Jon from NY, just purchased a pretty mint P556. Don't know much about these, was looking for info on dating it by serial number. Would also like to find a Griffin Tactical charging handle or Sig straight charging handle for it, but they seem to be pretty elusive.
Hello everyone!
I'm from central Az. Been a Sig handgun fan for sometime. Service firearm was a 226 dak that I fell in love with. Picked up a m11-a1, 226 legion, and hopefully soon a p320. Just picked up a 556 swat patrol yesterday, so I figured this is a great place to be.

EMT currently in medic school, working for a small yet highly progressive EMS department.
JB from Northern Virginia, apparently I registered with the website in 2012 when I was looking to buy my first AR rifle and was looking at the Sig 556's.

Ultimately I ended up getting a Colt because with Democrats in control I speculated a ban would be eminent and was worried about long term parts.

Since then they have multiplied in my safe with my last two being Sig Sauer 516 uppers on Spikes lowers (I'd like to find 516/M400 lowers to give them all Sig look).

Despite all of this the Sig 556 always felt like the one that got away. I was passively searching on Gunbroker and decided to buy one now because prices aren't going down anytime in the near future with the pandemic and election.

I found a well used SWAT Patrol for a decent price, she's not going to win any beauty contests but she has a lot of life left in her.

I have a lot to learn about this platform, the different variants make it a little tricky for noobs to know which parts work with which version.

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Hello does any one know where I can buy a Sig 556 charging handle? Thanks!
Hello does any one know where I can buy a Sig 556 charging handle? Thanks!
Try Gatewood Supply or JDI. I

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Hello, Own the Rifle since 2008 or so. Got a orginal Fish Gill. If change out out the AR stock for a magpul what size is the buffer tube.
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