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Lets see your Chest Rigs...ect

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I'm looking for a good set up for a chest rig, and/or leg rig.

I just wanna see what everyone else has to get some inspiration. Hopefully UNDER $200 :lol:

post some links, I'm sick of follow bad search links to CRAP!


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Sgt. Geardo:

I use the Viking Tactics Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) Tactical Vest available from 5.11 Tactical - here's the link: ... 00/I/58631

I also use their chest rig and thigh rig for hot weather wear (links below): ... 03/I/58632 ... 03/I/58633

In fact, almost all of my tactical gear is 5.11, or VTAC (slings, almost every one of my LBE pouches, LUSAs [new trick 4-way sling mount]), although I also use Blackhawk (whenever it is on sale, since it costs the most by far, although it is the best), SpecOps (great weapon-mounted mag holders for 5.56/M4/M16 and 7.62 M1A/M14), Spectre (slings), or Condor (slings).

5.11, VTAC, and Blackhawk are my tactical gear vendors of choice. The best, by far.

Clyde - for when you really have to slide (behind cover,,,) :wink:
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Here is a pic of the rack I had on my first deployment. It was made by blackhawk I think I paid $150 for it and the pouches but I'm not for sure.
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Here's my Blackhawk

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Here is a few pics of my setup now.

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