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Inexpensive Ammo Test

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I borrowed a chrono and tested some inexpensive ammo. These results are from my 556 (of course) and I was only testing velocity and consistancy not accuracty but all shots hit a 8" plate at 100 yards with a EoTech sight.

ammo Average min/max spread
Wolf 62g fmj 2'673 163
brown Bear 62g jhp 2'984 43
Silver Bear 62g jhp 2'842 63
XM193F 3'100 51
Privi 55g fmj 3'060 35
PMC Bronze 55g fmj-bt 2'763 27

Sorry about the lack of formatting. This forum is sucking up all my formatting and squishing everything together.
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Thanks for posting the chrono info.

It was interesting to see the large differences in velocity amount the 62 and 55 grain ammo.

Once you get your rifle zeroed in, it pays to use the same ammo.
I expected the large velocity variation from the Wolf ammo but I was surprised at how consistant the Brown Bear was. I was also surprised at the slow velocity from the PMC Bronze.

As a side note I shot a series of Wold ammo with the gas system turned off and saw an average velocity gain of about 80 fps. Much more than I expected.
That is interesting. Wolf takes the bottom of the pile for sure.

The 62 grain Brown Bear ammo going almost 3K from a 16 inch barrel is also impressive.
Your (SkyPup) comment about the Brown Bear made be go back to my notes to make sure I did not post the wrong numbers. Sure enough the Brown Bear in the 556 had a high velocity of 3008 and a low of 2965. I also shot the same batch through a 26" barrel bolt action and had an average speed of 3'163. Pretty hot for ammo that's about $4.50 a box.
Where I can find Ballistic Coefficient for the Silver Bear 223 63gr HP?

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