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I must have a FAL!

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Been shopping for a FAL. I would like your input on two that I have found.

DSA STG 58: $1150.00. Steyr / DSA parts.

Imbel/Enterprise FAL: $799.00 Imbel/Enterprise parts.

I know DSA's rep. donn't know about the I/E combo.

Any help would be great. I really want a FAL and these two are kinda where I'm going. If any of you have other ideas, I am all ears.


Oh! I meant to post this in the "Assault Rifle / shotgun" area. Move if needed.

Thank you gentlemen.
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If you get a FAL get a PARA model. Imbel recievers are one of the best BTW. 8)
Capt., Looking for the long version. Why would you suggest the para? over the ceiling stabber (other than length)?
Thanks Leardlex. I'll check it out.
I had both, STG58 and a brand new Para Argentinian kit on an IMBEL receiver, the para was my favorite by far, I think you should handle both before buying one. BTW the para will be in most cases more expensive and retain more value. Either way you will be getting a top notch MBR no matter what version you pick! I always will regret selling both of my FAL's! :(
That's kinda my issue sir. The cheaper version is an Imbel on an "Enterprise". Not real familiar w/ the latter on the former.
Also, I really like my Sig as my shorty, I'm looking for something in the 20" catagory.

Thank you for your help!
I love my SA58 from DSA. I do wish I bought a para model though.
I'm in the market :wink:
...honestly... the DSA FAL is argueably the best ever produced...actually a hair better than a FN... :wink:

...i would pass on anything from "Enterprise"...really ! ... hlight=dsa ... hlight=dsa far as the's a copy and paste for you...

......the FAL is an extreamely reliable battle rifle...and the best battle rifle ever fielded IMO...


...although very reliable...the FAL para is not "as reliable" as the standard version...and the para "does not" run as smoothly due to the placement and desigh of the recoil system...this is especially noticable in burst fire when comparing them side by side...the para also has a "slightly" shorter service life on the reciever...along with several other components due to greater impact loadings generated as a result of the shorter springs and their location as used in the far as accuracy...the FAL...specifically the manner in which it locks into battery...will never be a 1 MOA battle rifle...the Fal has acceptable accuracy...somewhere in the 1 1/2 to 3 MOA range...where it shines is in it's durability...reliability and ease of maintence...along with an exceptionally long service life of critical components such as the FCG and BCG when compared to most battle rifles...

...i would go with the DSA !...hard to beat !
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As usual, you just had to come along and cost me more money Ullie :lol:

Yes, I will get the DSA.

Thanks to all!
In the end I'm happy I got the para (for portability) although initially I wanted a regular stock. The length of pull on the para was pretty short for me necessitating a buttpad.
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I plan to get both just because I agree with both sides. I will get the STG58 first and then the para cause it is nice for portability and it looks cool :) I will shoot the para until it breaks and then I will always have the standard for backup, problem solved. Too bad I don't yet have the cash for either- :lol:
Zeus said:
I will shoot the para until it breaks one lifetime ?... :p

...FALs don't break...they just eventually wear out...eventually... :lol:

...standard or para...either way you can't go wrong...the FAL was the most widely used and distributed battle rifle ever fielded... there's gotta be a reason for think ?... :wink:
Is there any opinion as to what receiver is better, Type 1 or Type 2, or is it just one has the cut for the carry handle?
I have been building and gunsmithing FAL's for over 10 years.
Fal's are my favorite rifle!

The DSA is worth the extra money compared to the Entreprise/Imbel.
Imbel receivers are high quality and Imbel is a licensed maker of the FAL receivers, Entreprise on the other hand is hit or miss at best and I have seen and corrected some very poor work they have done.

I have to disagree with Ullie on the fact that Para's are less reliable, I have 2 and have built many a para for customers and although the recoil spring is in the top cover as opposed to the buttstock on a standard FAL the Para's have been just as reliable and just as accurate. Also the life span of a para should be the same as a standard FAL.

While DSA does make a great FAL I wouldn't say they are better than an original FN, I have found original FN's to be of the upmost quality and usually slightly more accurate as a whole than a DSA built FAL. But you are gonna pay twice the amount for a FN made FAL.

Type 1 or 2 receivers are basically the same except for a slightly different lightening cut at the rear of the receiver, they both can have or not have carry handle cuts, that is not what determines the type. Imbels on the other hand are type 3 receivers and look more blocky than a type 1 or 2.
Here is a pic showing the 3 different types from top type 2, type 3 and type 1

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Sarge1998 said:
Is there any opinion as to what receiver is better, Type 1 or Type 2, or is it just one has the cut for the carry handle?
...both the type 1 and type 2 have the carry handle cut...but you can order a type 1 without a carry handle cut from DSA...

...the differences between the type 1 and 2 are mostly cosmetic...although the type 2 is "slightly" more structerally sound in the rear portion of the reciever...the type 1 was the origional...the type 2 appeared in the early sixties...then later on in the early seventies almost everyone went with cast recievers...including FN...

...the DSA recievers are machined from drop forged 4140 steel...either the type 1 or 2 will be more than adequate...the type 2 is "slightly"
more resistant to cracking in the rear under heavy use...if that concerns you go with a type 2...
Thank you for both replies. DSA is located about 15 miles from me, I would like to stop for a brief visit, my hope is to get one ordered sometime between before summer.
I have a DSA Para model with the ar15 adjustable sights and an ACE side folder as well as a full size FAL rifle. Great rifles and you will love whatever you pick.
Back in 1999 I bought one of the few (AFAIK) original Argentine FALs, not an IMBEL or other clone. One of my favorite rifles, though I don't get to shoot it that often (I don't have a 10 rounds mag, for one!)
Wow. What an education.

Thanks to all.

I think DSA has a 5 month back log, but when I get it in the fold I will gladly post pics!

Can't wait!
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