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I'm not a member of that yahoo-supposedly "Christian" militia that is on the way to the hoosegow right now...
I'm just a "normal" conservative kinda guy that likes to shoot and LOVES firearms of all types...
The Sig 556 SWAT rifle that I recently bought is actually my first SIG product of any kind... I had some initial QC issues with my particular rifle, but since I know that nobody besides the Almighty is perfect and I'm not impossible to please, I think I'll be OK with it from here on out...
I used to be a fairly regular High-Power shooter and I also am a big fan of the Big BIG bores (I have a couple .50BMG rifles and I used to compete in 1000yard matches a few times a year) but those disciplines have fallen by the wayside somewhat due to having children & family time (which is ALL good too!!!)... I also have had a few .50BMG specific articles published in the past, and while I don't claim to know "everything" about that particular genre' of firearms, I certainly would be willing to pass on any knowledge I have about them to any here that might be interested....

I'm looking forward to learning more about these Sig weapons, and maybe a few other things along the way if I am lucky....

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