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scooby&thesig said:
Hey everyone, just wondering if there is anyone here that had the Lasik eye laser surgery done. If you have, could you give a semi detailed overview of your experience. Like your prescription before, and results after, any complications, eye melting, problems seeing dots through a scope, halos, light sensitivity, loss of night vision, problems seeing things after it was done versus before etc. Any information is greatly greatly greatly appreciated! Thanksssssss
Had LASIK in 2004; now 20/15; get a good doc with REFERENCEs, check, check and check again on the quality of the surgeon actually performing the surgery. not just the facility, etc.

Remember that LASIK only corrects your front "line-of-sight" and not peripheral (or at least mine didn't).

I had it earlyAM on one day; wife drove me home; because I sleep "rough" I used my motorcycle helmet to prevent any rubbing (the flap needs to heal) - I know the jokes will come on the helmet option. I drove myself back to doc's the following day (23mils) no issues. I have allergies so "dry-eye" is an issue, and was amplified with the surgery (jut the immediate week after) - be leering of using any "PM's" like Advil, Tylenol, etc if you have allergies (they are just pain-relievers with benadryl).

You'll be on drops for about a week or so (comfort tears, stuff called PreForte - tastes horrible when slips from eye-glands to back of throat) and some others. Keep your hands CLEAN when using the drops, watch/be careful of where you store, and make sure the drop-tips do NOT touch anything.

I recently test-ran AimPoint Optics - both eyes open, with free-holding of the 3x magnifier (loved the set-up) and had no issues with sight recognition left/right.

Hope this help... good luck on the surgery......
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