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Hard time finding sling parts i need....

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Ok, heres the deal....I for the life of me, cannot find a place that sells the Magpul ASAP plate AND the HK snap hooks. I already have a sling, i just need the plate and the hooks to attach my sling to the plate. I'm really wanting to order from one place as to save on shipping. Anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks
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Dang! Its not showing a price for the Magpul ASAP! It wont let me buy it.......i've been looking nonstop for two hours to no avail :( I thought you had a winner with that site, good prices on the hk hooks, too bad about the ASAP. Thanks though.
I have bought from DSG and got good service.
heh it is a winner, just the asap is out of stock at the moment. If you're not in a big hurry you can hopefully get it in a week or two (going by the restock date at midway fwiw). At least they have both listed :)
Thanks for the help, i will order when they get them in stock.
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