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Gunsmiths: What to ask, how to choose & how much is too

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Gunsmiths: What to ask, how to choose & how much is too

Obviously, the best way to care for one's firearms is to learn and understand its functions and maintain it oneself. But...

Considering the various levels of expertise and the vast number of new gun owners in recent months, what are the exepcted ranges of pricing for work performed by a professional gunsmith?

Some questions for consdieration:

What are some pros & cons of using a gunsmith?
How do you choose a gunsmith?
Are there good questions to ask when choosing a professional gunsmith?
What to look out for when selecting a gunsmith
Are gunsmiths a good way to get appraisals and/or inspection of inherited firearms?
How much is too much to pay for some common gunsmith work?
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I've used gunsmiths mostly for trigger jobs on bullseye pistols. I had two guns customized by a nationally-known smith. That was pretty costly, but also fun. I've also taken broken guns to smiths for repair.

A few observations are:

- Prices vary widely. One gunsmith quoted $125 for a 1911 trigger job. I finally found a PD armorer who did great trigger work for $25.

- Check your gunsmith's reputation. Talk in the shooting community and ask for references. Gunsmithing is not an easy trade and skill levels vary.

- Look for expertise on various weapons. Your 1911 smith might not be too good on your double-shotgun or battle rifle.

That's all for now. Gotta go paddle a kayak in the Ozarks. Pity me . . .
There are so called gunsmiths, and there are GUNSMITHS. Find one that specializes in building competition weapons who can build complete rifles. They have a reputation to maintain so the work will be top notch.
Go to and check out the list of recomended gunsmiths. Price is not the only question to ask. Ask for a guarenteed completion date. Some smiths take forever to complete work, or continuely move their buddies to the top of the list. Its your money so spend it wizely. I personally use Bob Green in York Pa. Top notch work, fair price, great turn-around, and an honest man. You can't ask for more than that.

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